Salesforce Salary Survey 2021, Traiblazer edition.

Salesforce Salary Survey 2021, Traiblazer edition. If you don’t want to read this blog, you can take the survey itself here. For the latest update about the Salesforce Salary Survey, Trailblazer Edition, check out my new blog here. Salesforce Jobs and Salesforce salaries are always a hot topic. According to […]

Salesforce Salary Survey 2021 Traiblazer Edition Next Steps

Current Status of the Salesforce Salary Survey In the beginning of March I began to socialize a new salary survey I was launching for the Trailblazer Community. I aptly named this salary survey, Salesforce Salary Survey 2021, Trailblazer edition. To receive updates about Salesforce salaries and content I put together […]

My Work from Home Office Desk Essentials

How this blog came to be – My Work from Home Office Desk Essentials I got asked this question on TikTok what are my work from home office desk essentials. It is about time I got to writing it! This blog also contains affiliate links. In other words, if you […]

Standing desks types for your home office

Let’s talk about standing desks You’ve probably heard of them this late into the covid-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, I thought I could get away with having a small office desk and did not put much research into a desk that could shift from sitting to standing. Later on, […]

Salesforce Trailblazer Community Group – Online DemoJam

This blog teaches you how to host a virtual Salesforce DemoJam for your Trailblazer Community Group from the Austin, TX Salesforce Administrator Group

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release notes and potential issue fixes

With the Salesforce Spring 21 release notes just a few days from being published Salesforce Admins, Developers, and Architects are all ready for the new goodies (along with the not-goodies) that come with a Salesforce release. This blog post will link to the release notes, but it also tells you […]

From AdminZach to TechieZach – Why I’m changing my professional brand

When I first involved myself in the Salesforce community space I branded myself as AdminZach for what I was doing at the time, being an #AwesomeAdmin! This has worked great for me growing my online presence highlighted by having a few thousand followers between Twitter and LinkedIn. I have achieved […]

Salesforce Certification Exam: A WebCam for your Exam

This blog was originally posted to medium before I launched TechieZach. I am reposting this here so I may house content all in one place. This blog is specifically for recommending a Salesforce Webcam for your Salesforce certification exam. I’ve started to think about blogging lately, but I’m stumped about […]


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