Standing desks types for your home office

Let’s talk about standing desks

You’ve probably heard of them this late into the covid-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, I thought I could get away with having a small office desk and did not put much research into a desk that could shift from sitting to standing.

Later on, in the pandemic, I started to notice hip and lower back pain, which led to a diagnosis of Dancer’s Hip. I can tell you unfortunately I was not doing much dancing, and this diagnosis was due to my SITTING all day long. With the advice of a medical professional, I decided to upgrade my desk so I can stretch more during the day while standing, and to put a treadmill underneath. Thus the research begins on what are standing desks, which desk did I order, and what do I plan on adding to the desk next.

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Types of Standing Desk

I’ve narrowed down the category to a few different features. Basically, the type of desks I’ve seen in my research have to do with features such as if the desk height is adjustable, requires an add-on, is electric-powered, or even has some sort of fitness attachment to it.

Above all standing desks can run you from anywhere to under $100 to over $2,000 based on the type you choose.

Manual Converting Standing Desk

What do I mean by a manually converting desk? In addition to electric desks, there are desks on this blog that can change the height through manpower. This desk requires good ole’ elbow grease so roll up your sleeves and adjust it to your desired height.

I did not decide to go with a manually converting desk, however, they typically do have a cheaper price point.

However these type of standing desks are under $250.

Here is an example of a desk you can adjust the height manually through the legs:

This is a standing desk with a HAND CRANK. This is perfect for when you need to get that extra energy out during meetings:

Converting standing desks

A converting standing desk is an add-on to your desk that can convert to additional height. Specifically, you can add a standing desk conversion to the top of your existing desk. Afterward, your desk will have a new surface on which you can rise to a standing-level. Also, you can not lower it to below the innate level of your desk. This is because it has to sit on top of your desk and follow the law of physics. These typically don’t go more than $250 except the highest-end models, with some as low as $100 or cheaper.

Here is an example of such law-abiding desk converter:

Fixed-Height standing desks

Fixed-Height standing desks are your standard desks. They’re raised up tall. They don’t change the height. The desks are stuck at a fixed-height always. Regular desks could also be considered a Fixed-Height desk. You can consider one standing if you can comfortably stand while working. When I think of a fixed-height desk, I also think of the desks that you see in healthcare. These desks are on wheels and can be moved room to room with a PC in tow.

Here is an example of what I think of when I think of a fixed-height standing desk:

Electric standing desks

The electric-powered standing desk is an adjustable desk powered by electricity to go up and down in height. That is the main appeal of an Electric Standing Desk. It saves you time and effort to adjust the desk at the low cost of more dollars from your wallet.

I decided I wanted to go with the Vari desk. The grey color fit my color scheme in my home office. I decided to go with this one here that is 60 inches long in gray. You can check this out below:

The Vari desk comes in different colors and a smaller size. Here are some different colors:

There are also competitors available. Myself having experience with Vari desk in a previous corporate job led to my comfort of purchasing one. It also comes in a slightly smaller size at 48 inches here.

Fitness Standing Desk

There are desks coming out that feature treadmills on the bottom and a working space up top. This can solve your need on ordering a separate treadmill and a desk in one spot, allowing you to walk in place while you work, or to run away from your problems. There are also just simple stand-alone pieces that you can add to your desk to turn it into a fitness variant.

For instance, you can add petals, or get a desk with petals and a desk-top:

Unfortunately, I already had the Vari desk otherwise I would have heavily considered a treadmill desk. So to make up for the lack of a treadmill, I ordered a folding treadmill that I can put under my desk. Following my hindsight, you can check out the treadmill I ordered below. Which was also the best price point I can find lower than $350:

Closing Thoughts on Standing Desks

In retrospect, I probably would have gotten a two-in-one fitness desk if I had known what I do now, but I’m satisfied with getting a walking treadmill to put under my desk. Recently I’ve ordered a trendy fitness device that I can’t wait to get here so I can write about it.

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