Salesforce Salary Survey 2021 Traiblazer Edition Next Steps

Current Status of the Salesforce Salary Survey

In the beginning of March I began to socialize a new salary survey I was launching for the Trailblazer Community. I aptly named this salary survey, Salesforce Salary Survey 2021, Trailblazer edition. To receive updates about Salesforce salaries and content I put together from the dataset, make sure to sign up for my email list. If you don’t want to read this blog and want to just take the Salesforce salary survey, you can do so here.

Salesforce salary survey, Trailblazer Edition
Click the pig, you know you want to check out the previous blog where I launched the Trailblazer Edition of the Salesforce Salary Survey.

The response in one month’s time has been outstanding, we’ve been able to collect close to 200 Salesforce professionals’ salaries so far! If you would like to view the dataset of responses collected so far, you can do so over on my newsletter resources page. I plan on closing collection of salaries for 2021 on May, 15th 2021.

I’ve been faced with a good amount of questions. The majority of questions boil down to, “Zach, what is next after you collect all of this data?”.

Next steps for the Salesforce salary survey dataset

Promote the Salesforce salary survey further and close the survey.

I have a few plans in place to collect even more responses. My personal goal for this year is to collect at least 500 responses for the Salesforce salary survey. I believe setting a goal is important to achieve results, although ambitious, I feel this is doable. In order ot time block this goal, I plan on closing the Salesforce Salary Survey on May 15th.

Some of my plans to increase awareness of the Salesforce salary survey include:

  1. Posting in the Salesforce success community, targeting user groups to try to distribute the survey
  2. Advertising on guest blogs or videos (coming soon)
  3. Increased awareness on social media

You can help me get more responses on the survey right now. Here is a fast click to tweet you can use to go promote the salary survey:

Help @TechieZach with his #Salesforce #Salary Survey, #Trailblazer Edition (US) so we can create a community dataset of Salesforce salaries to help increase everyone's take home pay. Take the survey here:… Share on X

Create a TableauCRM Dashboard.

I plan on creating a TableauCRM dashboard as I’ve done in previous years. My goals for the dashboard is the following:

  1. To be publicly accessible
  2. To be free
  3. Break down different DEI statistics as it relates to total compensation
  4. Display certifications as it relates to total compensation
  5. Break down the pay of different individuals as it relates to the clouds and other logistics
  6. To deliver value in helping you negotiate your next total compensation package

The TableauCRM dashboard will be used to allow people to get dynamic with the information from the dataset.

Create high level info-graphics and other forms of content.

Info-graphics are a great way to quickly summarize data. Depending on the geographical responses I receive, for instance I could create a heat map of salaries across the United States, among other forms of content. Thus, Info-graphics are a great venue of allowing information to quickly be spread and consumed across social media. However, in order for the graphic to have value, we need a larger amount of salaries to get any sort of trend. When we want to break that down by a regional level, the need grows even more.

Help @TechieZach with his #Salesforce #Salary Survey, #Trailblazer Edition (US) so we can create a community dataset of Salesforce salaries to help increase everyone's take home pay. Take the survey here:… Share on X

Present at Trailblazer community user groups about Salesforce salaries!

I have been asked a good amount to come and present at different user groups over the years. However, it did not make sense for me to present average Salesforce salaries for admins from Austin, TX over in Atlanta or Anchorage (random cities).

Now that the dataset is on a US level, I will have more geographical information to really give a presentation justice at different local user groups. In other words, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like me to come chat at your local user group about Salesforce salaries, TableauCRM, or any other Salesforce topic!

Begin Plans for next year & Closing thoughts?

I plan on iterating on this survey year over year. I’m open to feedback on how to improve the survey, so feel free to share your thoughts. This first year taking it to a United States level has been a lot of fun, and I’ve had so many great conversations with people because of it.

Thank you everyone for reading and help turn this into a success, and ultimately helping others with their salaries.

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