Salesforce Salary Survey 2021, Traiblazer edition.

Salesforce Salary Survey 2021, Traiblazer edition.

If you don’t want to read this blog, you can take the survey itself here. For the latest update about the Salesforce Salary Survey, Trailblazer Edition, check out my new blog here.

Salesforce Jobs and Salesforce salaries are always a hot topic. According to Trailhead, 4.2 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024. It was not uncommon for Salesforce Admin salaries to make well over six figures in previous years. Salesforce Developer salaries would go higher than the Salesforce Admin salary. In comparison, the elusive Salesforce Technical Architect Salary could make well over 200,000, if not higher.

Consultancies have billed higher than $500/hr for some Salesforce Technical Architects. This translates to well over 1 Million dollars a year for the most premium of the skilled resources. Years ago, obtaining a high-paying Salesforce industry job was easier for sure. Nowadays, it is not impossible as long as you prepare with the correct information.

For those that don’t know me, I co-lead the Austin, TX Salesforce Administrator Trailblazer Community group. For the past couple of years, I have led a salary survey for my community group. In the survey, I try to gather the information that my local community can use to negotiate. I made the resulting dataset available to all in my local user group.

Do you want to see my last salary survey? You can check out the recording here. In the recording, we discuss salaries for Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Architects, and other Salesforce professionals in Austin, TX.

What currently exists for Salesforce Salaries?

First, let us talk about what exists in the world for determining Salesforce salaries. For determining your Salesforce Admin Salary, Salesforce Developer Salary, Salesforce Architect Salary check out the sites below. Currently, there are many resources today to find Salesforce salary postings for local Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developer, or other jobs. Some of the most popular resources out there include the following:

Glassdoor – This is a website where you can leave anonymous information about the company you work at. This also can include interview questions, benefits, and of course your Salesforce Admin salary. It requires you to disclose your employer and sign up for an account.

Salary.Com, LinkedIn, PayScale.Com – These three websites are all very similar in giving you information. You can find information about the Salesforce Admin Salary, Salesforce Developer salary, Salesforce Architect salary, and more. However, you are not able to get a raw dataset out of these websites.

Mason Frank – This staffing agency conducts a Salesforce industry salary survey. This includes the pay of Salesforce Administrators, Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Architects, Salesforce Consultants, and more. This survey gets a mixed reaction in the Trailblazer Community. This is due to the inherent bias and lack of access to the data the community supplies them. The survey is good due to the high salaries, but an inherent bias exists. This is because it is a staffing agency gathering personally identifiable information for one. The other reason is it allows them to get more money by filling roles at higher pay.

Why am I launching my own Salesforce Professional Salary Survey?

Lack of access to raw Salesforce salary survey data

The above resources each have something majorly wrong with it in my eyes. You can not access the raw data of salaries for Salesforce professionals is one of the largest issues. Arguably, one popular Salesforce industry survey in the world, put on by Mason Frank, introduces a high level of bias. This is because Mason Frank is in the business of placing Salesforce professionals for a fee. The higher the professional is paid, the more Mason Frank takes as a cut of the placement.

Mason Frank has stated that any supplied salary information from the Trailblazer Community is a company asset of theirs. They’re unable to release this information due to it containing personally identifiable information. Any information you supply to them directly identifies you. It is not uncommon to have a recruiter reach out to you after requesting or participating in the survey.

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You can check out the thread by clicking the above screen capture if you’d like!

What is the most alarming is the following statement:

They take the information supplied from the Trailblazer Community and merge the data with THEIR vacancies and placements from MFI.

Bias is not good when it comes to data, especially salary data.

This introduces a high level of bias when building a report. Open admission to massaging the data based on vacancies and in-house professionals creates bias. All of this while personally identifiable information can not be allegedly separated.

Needless to say, not having access to raw data from an inherently biased company is worrying. I think it is best for everyone to conduct their own research and make a claim to their own worth. With that in mind, I plan on creating my own infographics and possibly a dashboard built in Einstein Analytics. I’ve done this a few times for my Salesforce Admin user group already in Austin, TX.

The survey below and how to access the raw dataset

Details about my Salesforce Salary Survey

The survey inquires key information such as geographical location. In addition, it also inquires your major metropolitan area closest to you, zip code, employer information, demographics. Finally, at the end it will ask your total-compensation information.

I believe this salary survey will deliver the most value when negotiating your next Salesforce salary. Whether that be a Salesforce Admin Salary, Salesforce Developer Salary, Salesforce Consultant Salary, or other Salesforce professional salary!

I will not block access to the raw datasets from this Salesforce salary survey. I will not ask for an identifier (such as an email) to tie your information to the dataset itself. Here is what I will ask…

I will ask you first to be a part of my email newsletter. Being a part of my email list DOES NOT tie you to the survey. I plan on delivering more content with tips & tricks I’ve used to navigate my career. In addition, I’ll also include future posts about my home office essentials or recommendations about working in Tech. Afterward, I will send you an automatic welcome email with access to a google sheet that you can bookmark.

You can sign up for my email newsletter here:

The above email you supply is not asked in the survey. Thus, I have no way of tying your email to the below Salesforce salary survey. In other words, that is why I’ve put it as a separate call to action.

The actual Salesforce Salary survey

You can take the survey below. After you take the survey, please share this blog with your friends. Here is a fast way to tweet by clicking below:

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If you’re on mobile, you may want to go to the actual form page here if my site does not render as-desired on your device.

Please provide me feedback on how I can improve the survey. I will lock the survey after 2021, but will still allow access to the previous google sheet.

While you’re here, feel free to check out some of my other blog posts such as choosing a webcam for your Salesforce Certification exam, picking a standing desk for your home office, my home office desk essentials, or how to run a virtual demo jam for your local user group.

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