Salesforce Spring ’21 Release notes and potential issue fixes

With the Salesforce Spring 21 release notes just a few days from being published Salesforce Admins, Developers, and Architects are all ready for the new goodies (along with the not-goodies) that come with a Salesforce release. This blog post will link to the release notes, but it also tells you how to get a sneak peek on what could be included in the Salesforce release notes. Keep reading…

Before we talk about some issues that are scheduled to be released let us go over some key release details and dates.

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Key Dates and Details

The essential item you should think about is when your Salesforce Org will be upgraded to the Spring ’21 release. It’s huge that you test your functionality in Salesforce prior to this date to ensure that they continue to function after the release deployment, or at the least do your due diligence to maintain functionality in your organization.

This image showcases key dates for the Salesforce Spring 21 Release Notes

The Key Dates for the Spring ’21 Release are these weekends:

  1. January 15th, 2021
  2. Feb 5th, 2021 (My Birthday!)
  3. Feb 12th, 2021

If you go to Salesforce Trust’s website you can determine the exact date for your Salesforce Org. To find the instance of your Salesforce org please follow these instructions.

You can sign up for prerelease sandboxes as of December 10, 2020, you can do so here. Signing up for a sandbox allows you to test the release in an environment not linked to your Salesforce instance, so you know you’re getting a true idea of how the Salesforce release should appear in an empty org.

The full release notes will be published on December 21, 2020, you can access the new release notes for Salesforce Spring 21 here. They are housed inside of Salesforce Help. Here is a link to the previous Winter ’21 release notes.

Possible fixes in the upcoming Spring 21 release

Salesforce consolidates information from the Trailblazer Community in many locations. The IdeaExchange is a great place to see what has been delivered from the Trailblazer Community suggestions. You can check out ideas from the IdeaExchange that have been delivered in Winter ’21 here.

Now, what if there is a bug that is not listed on the IdeaExchange? In my experience working with Support or Premier Support at Salesforce, they do not use the IdeaExchange. That is where the Known Issue page comes into play as Salesforce Support has issues created that likely they tag accounts internally on. Without going into the joy of an Account-Case-Issue model let’s talk about how we can see what could be delivered in Spring ’21.

The Known Issues page is where Salesforce tracks bugs or issues that are reported by customers to their internal support team. When you’re viewing the Known Issue page you can see clickable tags for each release. In this case, you can click Scheduled – Spring ’21 on an issue to be brought to this page.

Known issues and bugs for the Salesforce Spring 21 release that are scheduled to be fixed

What’s cool about this page is that it links to an issue release view, and thus you see other tags on this page… Including issues tagged as Fixed – Spring ’21.

Example of a potential fixed issue

For instance, the issue, Lightning Report Export, “Formatted Report” for “Summary Report” does not respect “Show and Hide” configuration for “Record Count” and “Subtotal”, is tagged as Fixed – Spring ’21. This leads me to believe this will be fixed in Spring ’21 since it is not with the scheduled tag.

Example of a fixed issue for the Salesforce Spring 21 Release Notes

Example of a potential scheduled issue to be fixed

While the issue, Custom Metadata Type not being sorted as expected , is tagged as Scheduled – Spring ’21 and not with the fixed tag. I believe this could still be fixed in time for the Spring ’21 release notes, but this is not guaranteed.

Example of a scheduled issue for the Salesforce Spring 21 Release Notes

I’m sure as we get closer to December 21, 2020, we will see more of these issues updated. Now you know one way to get a Sneak Peak on the Spring ’21 Release notes before their official debut.

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